Frequently Asked questions

For any enquiries please submit a form via our Contact page, or alternatively please see the below FAQ

Q? The Construction process?
  • Who is setting up site with temporary services including electricity and water?
  • Who is managing site meetings?
  • Who is inspecting the site to maintain quality Control?
  • Who is managing the project timelines?
  • Who is maintaining the level of quality and finish?
  • Who is coordinating with the local authority inspections?
  • Who is managing defect inspections?
  • Who is managing rectification of defects?


Q? What about the Contract?
  • What contract are you using to engage the approved builder?
  • Have you confirmed the construction timeline?
  • Have you allowed contingencies for variations?
  • Have you allowed for extensions for time delays?
  • How are progress claims structured?
  • Are retentions being imposed?


Q? What about the Builder
  • Do you have detailed construction drawings?
  • Do you have all the relevant consultant drawings and documentation?
  • Do you have a scope of works?
  • Do you have a schedule of all items you will be supplying?
  • What licences and insurances does the builder hold?


Q? What about detailed design matters?
  • After the initial design, review of the consultant’s reports and local authority consultations, will the construction costs of the project still remain within budget?
  • Are you using an interior designer?
  • Do you know the type of fixtures, fittings and finishes you want and the total cost?


Q? What about Consultants?
  • Based on local authority requirements what consultants will be required to submit reports – Hydraulic, Geo Technical, Structural Engineering, Acoustic,
  • Mechanical, Electrical?    What are the costs to gain each report?
  • Are you using consultants who are experienced in this type of design?
  • What information will each consultant require before they can provide an accurate report?


Q? What about Local Authority Approvals
  • Based on your design and local zoning what approvals will be required?
  • Does your project require a Development Application (DA)?
  • Do you require a town planner to review the local regulations and precedents to ensure proposed plan complies?
  • Who will provide the approvals?
  • Are you engaging a Private Certifier?
  • What is the cost to gain approvals?
  • Do you need to meet local authorities prior to commencing design?
  • What are the average approval timelines for the local authorities?
  • Who will lodge the applications?
  • Who will monitor progress and attend to requests?
  • Have you confirmed approximate approval date?


Q? What about Design
  • What are the local regulations and zoning?
  • Do you have a site survey and measure of your property?
  • What will it cost to survey and measure the property?
  • What is the primary reason for the development – Rent, sell, operate a business?
  • If intending to operate a business for how long?
  • Are you working with a designer or architect who is experienced in this type of design?
  • Are you charged a flat fee or a percentage of the construction costs?
  • Have you confirmed with the architect what your total project budget is including design and construction?
  • Have you confirmed a program timeline with the architect to ensure milestone target dates are achieved?


Q? What about Project Budgets & Timelines:
  • What is the maximum amount you are able to spend on the entire project?
  • Can you spend more if required in case of contingencies?
  • What date do you need the project to be completed by?
  • What will happen if the project is not completed by this date?
  • Do you have a contingency if the project is not completed on time?