3 things that can go wrong when building a restaurant fit out.

It is easy to ‘over-do’ it when you build your dream restaurant. For those restaurateurs with a lot of capital and money to burn, you may be able to change your layouts and design within a few months of discovering that you have an unsuccessful or inefficient restaurant layout. But for the majority making this investment, a fit out is a major part of their capital – therefore making it the most important consideration when starting their business. A restaurant’s design has huge influences on the success of the business. A welcoming interior and layout, together with complementing food and excellent service is the winning combination.

There are some real pitfalls some restaurant owners can make when considering their fitout? Here are the 3 most common:

Excessive investment in construction, equipment or fit out

Don’t we all just love a beautiful looking restaurant? Synergize beauty with functionality! What the consumer surveys show repeatedly is that they will keep on coming back to their favourite place loyally for a combination of good food, good service and good ambience. In that order, invest into your product and service and support it with a cosy and welcoming ambience. Too many restaurant owners get so carried away with designing the dining room, they use up much needed capital which should have been invested into the production area. Allocate your budget keeping in mind that your production and service wins consumers, your ambience keeps them ‘comfortably coming back for more’. Most importantly, with proper guidance, you can still end up with an aesthetically beautiful restaurant fitout without spending 90% of your life savings. High costs doesn’t always equate to 100% efficiency (no such thing, by the way). Sometimes, the most successful restaurants were constructed with a modest but reasonable budget.



Poor planning, poor choice of concept

Huge dining area, but tiny kitchen? Fine dining design and fixtures, but the menu fare is actually for a bar and grill? When you conceptualize your restaurant, do not base it on your personal likes/dislikes or eating habits. Business is to serve the needs of consumers, create a product that is most likely to be liked and patronised by consumers, fill a niche that’s still empty and then plan your restaurant concept to deliver exactly that! Specialise in what your concept caters to and take this into considerations when you are planning your fitout. Take a specialist’s approach to your restaurant engineering and kitchen equipment so that it compliments and supports your restaurant concept.


Trying to do it yourself

For a matter which is too important, stay clear of making your restaurant fit out a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Like it or not, you need experts who will help you execute your dreams into reality. Restaurant fit out specialists are no longer a luxury – they are more of a necessity. The experts have a clear vision as to what works and what does not, what is necessary, and what is excess and most importantly what is practical and efficient. They are not out to lure you out of your retirement savings – they are actually present to help you avoid the mistake of spending unwisely. You just give them your budget and desired concept, and they can recommend a good fit out relative to your vision and budget.

Hope this was helpful!



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