About Brookes Build

The Brookes Build team is led by the Owner & Director Joe Brookes and Consultant & Project Manager Paul Brookes. They are supported by supervisors/ estimators, engineers , designers, tradesmen and administration, safety and office support that work closely with the company, all of which have extensive industry experience and knowledge. The prudent execution, safety and professional accomplishment of each project is their field of expertise.

At Brookes Build we promise to relieve you of the stress, confusion and headaches of the building process. We will deliver your project on time and on budget with the highest quality workmanship accompanied by a friendly smile.  We can efficiently and economically manage your entire developement from conceptual design to completed construction. You choose to experience a better building service when you choose to work with us.

Our Values

QUALITY: We partner with our clients to deliver superior quality projects on time and on budget through dedicated project teams using a mastery of skills and knowledge

INTEGRITY: A promise to continue a long family history in the building industry committed to integrity by remaining true to our founding values of honesty and hard work

SAFETY: An uncompromising commitment to health, safety and the environment

RELATIONSHIPS: We are a quality and relationships-driven construction company and we aim to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients, subcontractors, suppliers and employees

PERSONNEL: Investing in our key personnel to ensure they hold the necessary skills, qualifications and industry experience to help us deliver our commitment to clients


10 Reasons to choose Brookes Build and experience a better building service:

  1. We are a family owned company with over 55 combined years’ experience in the building industry between Paul and Joe Brookes.  We offer you the confidence that our team of highly experienced, professional and passionate builders and staff can tackle every challenge, restraint and request that your project presents.
  2. Our focus is not just quality workmanship but exceptional customer service. Our goal for each job is to provide workmanship and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.
  3. At Brookes Build we take a wide-ranging and cooperative approach and are flexible if needs change as the project progresses.
  4. All of our contractors are trust worthy, high quality professionals.  They have been hand-picked and have worked loyally and reliably with the same Brookes Build team for many years.
  5. Our many years of experience in the construction industry means we have systems and processes in place to ensure your build runs smoothly.
  6. We pride ourselves on effective and regular communication with the customer from the initial quote, through to construction completion and we maintain a clear focus of on our client’s needs and aspirations. We are very open to as much involvement as our clients wish to have and take on board all of the hopes for their build. 
  7. We provide detailed quotes and budgets to our clients so it is clear as to exactly what is included in the pricing.
  8. We specialise in construction management for all building projects.
  9. We  maintain a regular and efficient site presence on all of our projects
  10. We are efficient and creative problem solvers and are enthused at the prospect of engineering resourceful solutions to all manners of construction concerns and issues



Brookes Build has in place an accredited Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001

Our Team

Paul Brookes, Paul Brookes Constructions

Paul Brookes

Consultant and Project Manager

Paul Brookes has over 40 years’ experience in the commercial building sector with 30 of these years spent in the Cairns region.  Starting his career as a carpenter at the age of 14, then as a foreman, then eventually as a Project manager for Northern Territory Commercial Construction giant Sitzler in the 80's and 90's, to starting his own small commercial fit out company in Cairns in the mid 90s. Paul has seen all the ins and outs of the building industry in the North and he has a great understanding of the needs and want of clients, and the right way to achieve the best-out comes for all  persons involved in the building projects.  His wealth of experience and wisdom coupled with strong core values is testament to the repeat business and many enduring professional relationships that have been established and nurtured with Paul Brookes Constructions over the years and will continue with Brookes Build.

Joe Brookes, Paul Brookes Constructions

Joe Brookes

Director and Project Manager

Company director and Head Project manager Joe Brookes is the first son of Paul Brookes and has over 16 years of experience in the field.  Joe started and finished his apprenticeship with Paul Brookes Constructions and handled the role as a construction manager and project manager for the company since 2005.  Joe is a driven professional and has a great enthusiasm for working with clients of all types with a passion for delivering high quality projects whilst ensuring maximum client satisfaction. 

The Boys

Our Team of Carpenters

Rordog, Nick, Keithy and Bretto

Our team on the ground are a highly skilled and professional group of specialist carpenters which include Joe's two brother Nick and Rory Brookes as well as fellow local chippies Brett Cameron and Keith Horne.

The combined experience in the building sector of our men is over 60 years and the way they carry out the building tasks on the projects, handle the variety of different situations thrown at them and deliver the positive outcomes on the site is a credit to them.  They deliver work to the highest standard each and every time.