Premium Brands Outlet

15 Spence St

This is the third fit out project we have carried out for Eddy Jeon and it is his biggest and best retail store yet.

The fit out incorporated some fine and custom finishes with the over all intent to ceate the induistriual warehouse feel.

A special faux brick product was sourced to cladd the columns and walls as well as a faux brick sheet cladding for one area that was rendered and painted.

A uniquie tubing system was installed that criss crosses the tenancy and creates shelving supports for all the displays. 

Eddy decieded to retain the open ceiling and we painted this black and FNQ Electrical installed an effective and inconspicuos track lighting system.

The floors were retained as polished concrete and a new back of house storage and kitchen area was created for the staff.

The timber work thru out utilised cca treated garden sleepers that we stained and sealed to add to the old and industrial atmoshphere.